SES is born out of our personal passion for the rich and vibrant culture, lifestyle, and aesthetics of the Spanish Mediterranean. It is a reflection of our best sensations lived in this place:  Summer evenings sunset skies, friends feasting and singing beneath olive trees, pine-scented air, family time, ripe tomatoes with oil and bread at dawn.

All these memories and present experiences define our designs which take inspiration from the intricate artistry, masterful craftsmanship, and spirited essence of our heritage.

SES is a specific term used in the Mallorquinian language (SES Illes - The Islands), but its aim is to become an international reference for the Spanish Mediterranean lifestyle. We strive to achieve this through carefully curated inspiration, the quality of the materials we work with, and the durability of our clothing. Clothing that stands the test of time.

At SES, we firmly believe that our culture and heritage are treasures that should be celebrated and shared with the world. When you choose SES, you are not only investing in high-quality craftsmanship, durable clothing, and exquisite design, but also in the development of a thriving community dedicated to preserving and promoting our cultural legacy.